Upcoming events and matches

European Nights

Come watch european football along with your friends. We provide 4 flatscreens and a Big Screen for all sports. 

We have a wide array of offers and discounts depending on the match and the weekday. Come have a chat and learn about how you can get drunk cheaper than usual. 

We sell icebuckets with 5 cold beers, for those hot summer days and those cool winter nights. 

 Try one of our exciting craft beers - 
We have a wide range of craft beers set up for any beer lover. No matter what kind of beer you like we'll have one tailored just for your taste at Park Pub.

With 12 different varieties on tap and more than 20 different varieties on bottle we'll have just the beer for you!

Be a part of something greater by enjoying the games with hundreds of other people. Take a sip and sing along.